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Max Currie

Writer/Director - Bio


Writer/director Max Currie finds an unlikely compassion for his monstrous characters - and challenges audiences to do the same. "I'm fascinated by good people doing bad things," says Max of his work. And this is certainly true of his delicately immoral, feature debut, Everything We Loved.

Max started his screen career in 2001 in front of the camera as the openly gay host and director of New Zealand's groundbreaking gay, lesbian and transgender television show, QueerNation. Over the course of eighty episodes, the then 21-year-old left no aspect of human sexuality unexplored. In 2003, Max moved to New York where he worked as a barman while interning at Film/Video Arts in SoHo and Bazmark on Broadway. It was during this time he started working as a screenwriter for Palme d'Or winning producer, Bill Robinson (Gus Van Sant's Elephant). In 2008, Max was awarded the jury prize for best film in The Huffington Post Contagious Film Festival for his short film protesting Proposition 8: Some Of My Best Friends Are American. He's still owed dinner by Arianna Huffington.

Since 2008, Max has written for New Zealand's number-one-rated, prime-time serial drama, Shortland Street, and more recently, the comedy-drama Step Dave. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand.