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A shy magician coaxes his broken wife back to life when he brings home a little boy to raise as their own. But the loving family they create is threatened when they become hunted as child abductors.

How far would you go to get them back?

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On an overgrown farmstead, a troubled man called Charlie Shepherd raises a four-year-old boy, Tommy, by himself. But when Charlie's wife, Angela, returns, fragile but very much alive, we realise all is not as it seems. Charlie and Angela lost their real son several months ago - Tommy has been stolen. Angela's horrified, but when Charlie explains why Tommy's real parents don't deserve him, she joins Charlie in creating a loving family for Tommy. Life returns to this once happy home. But the lie this family is based on won't go away, and in the world outside the farm, an unrelenting manhunt for Tommy's abductors is closing in..

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everything we loved film awards


Victoria TX Indie Film Fest 2015

Won, Jury Prize Best Director - Max Currie


New Zealand Film and TV Awards 2014

Won, Best Actress - Sia Trokenheim
Won, Best Cinematography in a Feature Film - Dave Garbett

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Writer/ Director — Max Currie (debut feature film)
Producers — Tom Hern & Luke Robinson
Sales Rep — Hengameh Panahi - Celluloid Dreams 
Production Company — Four Knights Film Ltd

Charlie — Brett Stewart
Angela — Sia Trokenheim
Tommy — Ben Clarkson

Co-Producer —Jo Tagg
Associate Producers — James Napier Robertson,
Michael Eldred, Tim Wood, Sasha Wood
Cinematographer — Dave Garbett
Editor — Dan Kircher
Composer — Tim Prebble
Sound Designer — Nick Buckton
Production Designer — Andy Smith
Make Up Designer — Suzy Lee
Costume Designer — Sarah Aldridge

Funded by — The New Zealand Film Commission
(through their micro-budget initiative - Escalator)

Shooting Format/aspect:
16x9, 1080/720, Sony F65 Camera
Theatrical Aspec

Screening formats
Blue Ray, HDcam, DCP 

Shooting Location
New Zealand